Head only- Starting at $500

The price that you are paying for gets you: A fursuit head, with 3-d eyes (yes I relize the current picture has mesh only eyes, click on "Meet The Maker" and Tropiccus is our eye style), Luxury Shag Fur, a base made out of high density foam, and fully lined inside with lycra.
Comes with free headshot badge!

size comparison with a tablet pen

Handpaws- Starting at $90

The price that you are paying for gets you: Puffy paws (pattern by Curlworks), BigZFabrics Ecoshag, sewn together with Coats and Clarks thread, shaved fingers and palm piece, stuffed applique paw pads, modded claws (pointier tip to add a little spice),  stuffed with polyfil, lycra lining, and bias tape to prevent the backing at the opening of the paw from fraying.
Comes with free headshot badge!

*If you would like a different pattern to be used on your paws. please tell us in your quote. The price that the pattern costs will be charged*


Tails- Starting at $70

The price that you are paying for gets you: A 26" long tail with double belt loops for a belt up to 1 1/2" thick, made with BigZFabrics EcoShag, fur smoothly flowing twords the tip, sewn with coats and clarks thread, and a 7 inch zip for removable stuffing. Tail pattern owned by us.
Comes with free headshot badge!

Mini Partial- Starting at $560

Comes with a head, hand paws, and a tail. Ordering a fursuit from us this way is the best, because it ensures that the fur that we buy 100% matches the fur on the other parts of the suit, and also is a little cheaper than ordering parts separately. If your suit uses repeating colors on all parts of your suit, the lower the price will be. Of course, since everyone's characters are so diverse, who knows how much you can save!

Beta tester- email us for more information

Really like our fursuit style, but want us to make parts for you that aren't in our gallery? Well then don't we have a treat for you! Not only do you get to bring more options to choose from on our site, but we'll only charge for material and shipping used on those parts you want from us! No labor charges! Also includes free fixes within the first year of owning said part.
*Becoming a beta tester means you are willing to take longer on unmade parts
*If said part requires special machinery that we do not have, we may charge for said machinery (example: You want to try out for bodysuits, we don't have a sewing machine that can sew faux fur together)
*We will show every thing that needs to be purchased for beta parts, including any special machinery
*The "No labor charges" policy only applies to beta parts, any other parts that we do have in our gallery that you commission will be full price.